VivaBack supports your companies back-health with innovative sensor technology. Based on individual motion data, they provide specific advice, optimize processes and increase employee satisfaction.


Together with founding fathers Valentin Rosegger and Dr. Robert Pilacek we developed a new Logo Design, playing with the Brandname we created a fun secondary Logo rotating and tilting the words to make them look like the spine.


Working with Overlays and gridpatterns – reminding of X-rays and posture analysis


Until now valid motion analyses could only be done in laboratory settings. VivaBack’s technology is a mobile monitoring solution that can be used comfortably under real life conditions providing important data for ensuring and increasing corporate health.


VivaBack is a proud partner of the Vienna International Airport, supporting airport employees with sensor based advise. The magazine “Profil” wrote about VivaBack on 28.8.2017. VivaBack won a RIZ-Genius award in 2017.

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