12Mangalet Kebab opened it’s first restaurant located in one of Vienna’s characteristic Otto Wagner arches on the Gürtel ring road. And we got to be part of it, every step of the way.

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Brother Kuba developed a custom lighting concept in order to bring out all the features of this amazing location.

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We decided to leave the brick walls just the way they were. Hand baked and glazed tiles were imported, in order to make the bar-front really
stand out, since it is the center of the restaurant. Combining bright turquoise with brazen elements makes the interior concept remind of viennese architecture as well as oriental culture.

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Since there’s a lot of Kebab spots in Vienna, we really tried to make this one stand out. The CI is focusing on cheeky “austrian/multilingual” coloquial phrases, that are associated with ordering Kebab in Vienna.



We designed the restaurants own uniforms, aswell as their own “Mangalet apparel” which is available online on their website. Brother Kuba produced this little fashion video with matching soundtrack.